Mirror Mirror

If you’re expecting a Disney inspired post then stop reading. 

Because this isn't it. 

This is more akin to Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. 

Still here?


From an early age my dad would say to me that the people around me, the ones I chose and the ones who simply put themselves there, are mirrors to me. 

I never fully understood this until I grew up a little, but now I think I get it. See, as much as you can learn from others and observe their behaviours, it’s equally important to consider what parts of yourself you are projecting onto them. 

With this in mind I think it’s more important than ever to dwell on what kind of mirror you want to be to others. For me? I’d like other’s to see in me consideration, kindness, intelligence beyond what I make out to have, wit and humility. 

Of course this isn’t always the case, and I’m sure many people can see vanity, daftness, shyness and silliness. And though these are images of myself I’d hate to think are true, some morsel of it is most likely correct.

Because the point is that we all take what we choose to from others. We all look at reflections in the perspective we want. Where one person sees an inflated ego, another sees confidence and so on. 

So I told myself to become the best mirror I could for people, for others to meet me, talk to me, get to know me, and from that reflect upon themselves some of my better qualities. 

On the flip side, the opposite is true, and you can just as easily note the negatives in someone. And though negatives are never fun to observe or to consider, they can be great learning tools. When someone leads a life you cannot imagine for yourself, think of them as your mirror; what can you take from their experiences good or bad, to make yourself better? 

Really it’s all perspective. Just like mirrors. 

So what kind of mirror do you want to be?

Grandiose with gold trim or simply elegant? Maybe steely framed with maximum utility or something you find in a fun house?

Whatever one you choose, be sure it’s your best. 

Reflections have a nasty tendency to be accurate.

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