"Mio" is Spanish for "Mine"

I swung my feet back and forth as I sat on the high bar stool, my third gin firmly grasped in hand. My friend, co worker, vocalist and all round bad ass Annie sidled up to our table. 

“We’ve been pushed back to eleven.” She spoke, her voice tinged with the resentment of knowing this would happen. Her large group of friends, myself included, all exchanged glances and we unanimously decided that this called for more drinks. 

Annie singing us all into oblivion.

Annie singing us all into oblivion.

Finally the hour came and we all meandered down two flights of stairs to the middle floor of the three tiered bar/pub. 

To the right was the bar, many of my friends already picking up their fifth rounds. In front of me erupted the stage with Annie, Mario and Nick collectively known as Mio already occupying it’s surface. Within moments of arriving they began to play and my friends and I fell over the teetering edge of anticipation. 

Mario giving us ear-gasms with his synth.

Mario giving us ear-gasms with his synth.

I had always known Annie was a great singer, I had never doubted that tonight would be full of talent and new found love.

But what I got was so much more.

Mario on the synthesiser and Nick on drum triggers kicked us off with a dream pop melody throwing us all immediately into fits of dancing and bopping.

It’s rare enough that I listen to new band, live, and immediately fall in love, but that is exactly what happened. I don't really know what I was expecting, but I was certainly not prepared for the wave of adoration that washed over me when I heard what I did. 

If neon had a sound this would be it. Like the colours blue and purple suddenly took audible form and they ricocheted off all our chests making us dance and sway. In a moment of bravado my friends and I made our way to the front of the stage silently screaming at the rest of the crowd to join us in reverence at the trio in front of us. 

Nick killing us with his beat.

Nick killing us with his beat.

And come they did. 

Before long the throng was enraptured and enamoured with the music Mio was making. Not pop to the point you feel 12 years old, but light enough to make you want to listen over and over. Annie dug her heels in and danced her way through the band’s set.

“Meet me in Neverland.” she sang to us, and we all were more than happy to oblige. 

Listen to their sounds below.

All photo credits to @Catsatrocket

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