The 'E' List

The last few posts have been on the heavy side. So this one is a light hearted listicle that will let you get to know me a bit better and give you an insight into what makes this blogger a little mad and a little weird. 

  1. I speak fluent Spanish (and a bit of Italian)

  2. I am an only child

  3. I hate the sound of people chewing. To the point that I need to leave the room.

  4. I’m a terrible swimmer

  5. Driving makes me anxious

  6. I learned guitar and piano when I was in primary school

  7. I often talk to myself as if I’m being interviewed - it helps me compartmentalise my thoughts

  8. One of my aims in life is to write and publish a novel

  9. One of my favourite book genres is Gothic Romance (currently reading Wuthering Heights)

  10. I’m a big sport fan and one day I want to watch an EPL match live

  11. I get panic attacks almost weekly, but I’ve learned to control them a lot better with help from friends

  12. Speaking of friends, I have very few. This is out of choice and there will be a post about this soon.

  13. I was bullied all through primary school and didn't make friends until year 6

  14. My heroes are my parents.

  15. When I’m angry, I turn my stereo up to full volume and dance around my room to get rid of the excess adrenaline

  16. My favourite flavour combination is chocolate and peanut butter

  17. My favourite colour is purple, but I never wear purple because greens and blues go best with my skin

  18. With enough money I aim to one day have a library/reading room in my house

  19. I want to visit the Scottish Highlands

  20. I’m jealous of people with pretty, perky noses

  21. I love Winter

  22. I’m afraid of moths. Don't ask.

  23. I hated my first name for years, until Vampire Diaries made it trendy

  24. Airports make me anxious more than the flying part of the journey

  25. I think that inconsideration is the worst trait a person can have

Author's Note: It's not until you try to list 25 things about yourself that you realise how un-interesting you are.