Weekend Warrior

10 reasons why being sick with a cold over the weekend is totally fine. Totally fine. 

  1. Instead of the usual guilt you feel when binge watching anime instead of doing something productive, you feel like you’re entitled to do so now. All those doctors and MD Websites recommend rest for a speedy recovery. So really, Yu Gi Oh is helping you get better.

  2. You’ve got a valid excuse to not be social. You’re now actually telling the truth when someone asks why you’re not out at that 21st party and you reply with, “Oh I don't feel well…” Tonight this is actually true.

  3. Sympathy. No really. Don't we all love a bit of sympathy every now and then? Though we all know it’s a gross characteristic every human has, that’s the beauty of it. We all want it. So when that first hyperactive sneeze comes careening out your nose, you know you’re in for a world of doting and never ending tea.

  4. Tea.

  5. You know all those times you complained that you never get a chance to catch up on your favourite television show? Or all those movies you’ve downloaded that are waiting, unwatched on your laptop? Well complain no more! For at least 4 days you get to do nothing but sit back, chill and let the blue light from your screen take you away.

  6. Have some perspective. It’s a teensy cold, your body will recover stronger because of this bout.

  7. So maybe 10 reasons why being sick is a good thing was a little ambitious

  8. Because let’s face it

  9. It really blows