Introducing: E

Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by my tiny corner of the internet. On this site you will find weekly posts written by yours truly, primarily to do with the day to day observations of a twenty-something-year-old. 

I'd like to mention that this site will contain posts to do with my own experiences and observations. This is by no means an opinion site, where you'll be forced to read my over exaggerated thoughts on why I dislike certain things in life (eggplant I'm looking at you.) 

Point.E (pun intended) is a site where I get to share my wonderings, musings, questions and loves with you fantastic readers. This site has been a long time coming and it is something I am immensely proud of.

If you'd like to share something with me, then by all means send through an email in the contact link. Musical suggestions are always welcome too!

Thank you once again for giving this aspiring writer a chance to show you her little world.

Happy Reading


Elena Luna